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    PEBBELL.ONLINE registration form

    The PEBBELL.ONLINE web service supercedes the native Pebbell App for android and iPhone (Pebbell Live). PEBBELL.ONLINE provides a new improved way of managing your PEBBELL device (see User Guide). It not only allows you to view and track the PEBBELL in real time from any device (iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop PC) but it also gives you access to the PEBBELL account balance, statements, EZ top up portal and in App alerts.

    PEBBELL.ONLINE subscription is £1.00 per month (inc VAT) and can either be paid annually or as part of your monthly PEBBELL rental. Existing PEBBELL Live customers can transfer their subscription by using the following form.

    PEBBELL now also provides a new rental plan of £4.00 per month (no contract required) which includes: monthly SIM rental, unlimited location updates, PEBBELL.ONLINE subscription and reduced usages charges (10p per SMS and 10p per Min voice calls within Europe). Click here for the full pebbell tariff. For further information please contact customer services or use the Additional information box below.